Sunday, August 1, 2010

An Indulgent Weekend @ Rydges World Sq. Sydney.


David celebrated his 60th on Thursday 22 July (see previous blog)

We decided to give the driver a break and fly.

Departed on time and arrived in Sydney on time as well.

Taxi queue was long and the wind whipped around us.

Felt more like the weather we had left behind in Canberra, than the mild Sydney we were expecting.

Finally it was our turn for a taxi.

A relatively uneventful trip was drawing to a close and as we waited at a set of traffic lights I could see the World Square Tower which in behind our hotel.

We were only a few minutes from our destination.


Our driver turned right and not left and took us to the wrong hotel.

Fatal mistake.

DP questioned his capabilities as a taxi driver and made it quite clear that we had travelled between the airport and this hotel on numerous occasions and had never been taken to the wrong hotel. DP also mentioned that he was a regular visitor to Sydney and whilst here worked closely with a branch of law enforcement.

At the mention of this the trip meter was turned off.

DP then directed him to our hotel, and as we pulled into Pitt St is was obvious that the driver did know where the hotel was....guess he was after a quick buck.

THIS is our favourite hotel in Sydney

Checked in quickly and visited the Executive Lounge for drinks and nibbles.

We were fortunate to be allocated the Bellerive Suite, with a lounge room  dining area and full kitchen.

This was waiting patiently in our room :)


IMG_6767 IMG_6768

Complimented the Thai food from Thai Passion.....note to self ....take food photos next visit.


We had nothing planned, and after a healthy breakfast of cereal, made to order omelette and coffee, we walked down to the Canterbury store in Pitt St.



This is a "must visit" when we are in Sydney.

Purchases in hand we walked through to George St and down past Sydney Town Hall.

Enjoyed a coffee and muffin while watching the Saturday crowds drift by.

Tourists, locals, the homeless, a group on their way to a wedding. We truly live in a cosmopolitan society here in Australia.

We joined the throng on George Street and walked back to our hotel.

Passing through the world Square complex I checked on the Apple computers at JB Hi-Fi.(always hoping that I will find one in my price range)

Shopping done we made our way to the  the Square Bar for an Indulgent afternoon tea.

Petit Sweets.

An assortment of mouth watering morsels including crème caramel, lemon meringue pies and mini choc muffins. 

All this washed down with a bowl of Lindt hot chocolate.IMG_6792

IMG_6789  IMG_6791  IMG_6793

A group of people at the next table were enjoying a more savoury snack.



This is turning into the "death of a diet" story, so will add a few more kilojoules.


The Executive Lounge.

Cheese Biscuits and Fruit


Hot food and nibbles

IMG_6801 IMG_6803




The Chef pays a visit

IMG_6823 IMG_6824 IMG_6826  IMG_6833 IMG_6844


Room Service.

IMG_6592 IMG_6593



  1. I am going to have to walk for miles in the next few weeks to work it off