Monday, June 27, 2011

Breakfast stop

I know this post is out of order but am posting because we won't have signal for a few days.
We left Pretoria at 6.15am and we are halfway to our destination Mapungubwe.

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Singapore sleeping and on to Johannesburg


Cold Sydney …Hot Singapore…Freezing Johannesburg. Impossible to get the clothes right for this mixed bag.

Our transit time in Singapore was 12 hours and we decided to book a room in the transit hotel.(3pm)

Reasonable accommodation and much better than sitting in the airport proper.

We had a quick walk through the terminal after checking in and a bite to eat.

Our plan was to rest for an hour or so and then do some shopping.

10.30pm we received our wake up call for 11pm check out…so much for shopping.

11.10 we emerged fresh and rested. Time to find coffee and food.

The 2 hours till boarding passed quickly.

Had a 35 year flashback when I saw this poster in the Chocolate store.

We thought we were looking at a photo of our Son Nicholas (36)


Indoor garden Changi airport



Taken from seat



Nearly there



African Sunrise


Photos are from my phone so not the best quality.

Ten and a half hours and we were ready for the sights and sounds of South Africa

Another snippet soon


Friday, June 24, 2011

Real journey starts.

Our day started with a 3.45 wake up call
Bags zipped and locked
Net books and phones fully charged.
Billy is prepared for his second trip to South Africa, but Singapore will be a first for him.

Rental car is returned and we make our way to departures to check in.
We already had printed boarding passes through to Joburg and only needed to present our passports.

One last set of forms to complete

Ten minutes and we were on our way to customs.

Boarding was as only boarding can be...

I think we departed on time and this is always a plus.

Billy enjoying the service

We are now three and a half hours from Singapore ann I think I might have a Singapore Sling...just the one though :)

Billy is not drinking, he is a responsible young man who knows that drinking can lead to loss of self control and making choices that are not safe.


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Location:Tembisa,South Africa

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The day before departure.


A miserable cold morning in Canberra. One two hour shift to work.

David delivered Cam to his one day a week workplace, drove home and then caught the Katie taxi to collect our rental car. We had reserved a vehicle several weeks ago, but the continuing #ashcloud problems created car rental nightmares. Instead of the roomy sedan we usually hire we were downgraded to an extra small compact. A small car however is better than no car Surprised smile

Stopped for a take away coffee at Marulan and 5 minutes into the next leg of our trip we spotted a flock of 50+ Black Cockatoos. WOW. I was lamenting while we were getting our coffee that I hadn’t seen the Wedge Tail Eagle at Lake George but the Cockatoo sighting was welcomed. Usually only see them in 2’s & 3’s at home.

Arrived at Rydges World Sq and lucky again. Upgraded to the Bellerive Suite. A free coffee as we waited for our room as well.





Relaxing before I write a short blog


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Optimism Reigns


In three and a half hours we will be off to Sydney.

Bags are packed, camera gear as well. I have not taken many photos of late but hope this changes in a few days. The iPhone is sometimes too convenient for everyday pics.

Hoping to get some of the following…in KNP and Mapungubwe National Park will be a new experience for us






Snapped the above in March 2010 Kruger National Park



Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Will we fly or will we be delayed...

When the volcano erupted in Iceland, April 2010, we sat “down under” and watched the turmoil evolve as air traffic ground to a halt.
Fourteen months later, “down under” air traffic is in a state of fly and no fly as a result of the volcanic eruption in Chile. The volcanic ash is on its second circuit of the lower southern hemisphere.
Second Ash Cloud
Animated footage of ash cloud

We are not flying until 8.05 on Thursday morning and are hoping that we will be fortunate enough to depart on time.
We expect to arrive in Johannesburg on Friday morning and arrive at our B&B in Pretoria before lunch

Providing the ASH moves away in a timely manner there will be more to report.