Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Will we fly or will we be delayed...

When the volcano erupted in Iceland, April 2010, we sat “down under” and watched the turmoil evolve as air traffic ground to a halt.
Fourteen months later, “down under” air traffic is in a state of fly and no fly as a result of the volcanic eruption in Chile. The volcanic ash is on its second circuit of the lower southern hemisphere.
Second Ash Cloud
Animated footage of ash cloud

We are not flying until 8.05 on Thursday morning and are hoping that we will be fortunate enough to depart on time.
We expect to arrive in Johannesburg on Friday morning and arrive at our B&B in Pretoria before lunch

Providing the ASH moves away in a timely manner there will be more to report.


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  1. Oh I keep my fingers crossed for you!!!
    I think this really would drive me crazy :-/
    Hopefully soon there will be wonderful, exciting, eventful, funny....updates of your trip to SA, that we are able to read here ;-)