Sunday, June 26, 2011

Singapore sleeping and on to Johannesburg


Cold Sydney …Hot Singapore…Freezing Johannesburg. Impossible to get the clothes right for this mixed bag.

Our transit time in Singapore was 12 hours and we decided to book a room in the transit hotel.(3pm)

Reasonable accommodation and much better than sitting in the airport proper.

We had a quick walk through the terminal after checking in and a bite to eat.

Our plan was to rest for an hour or so and then do some shopping.

10.30pm we received our wake up call for 11pm check out…so much for shopping.

11.10 we emerged fresh and rested. Time to find coffee and food.

The 2 hours till boarding passed quickly.

Had a 35 year flashback when I saw this poster in the Chocolate store.

We thought we were looking at a photo of our Son Nicholas (36)


Indoor garden Changi airport



Taken from seat



Nearly there



African Sunrise


Photos are from my phone so not the best quality.

Ten and a half hours and we were ready for the sights and sounds of South Africa

Another snippet soon


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