Friday, August 5, 2011

As close to paradise…


Marloth Park

We spent 2 nights in Marloth Park with Freda and Malcolm. It was an experience to sit with our coffee and have the locals wander over and visit. I am now waiting for a win on lotto to purchase a property hereThumbs up.

We cannot thank Freda and Malcolm enough for inviting us.

The zebras were my favourite and I managed to not have my camera when the kudus, bushbabies, baboons,bats and warthogs were around.


Woolly neck stork


Saddle billed stork


Hiding hippo



Billy forgot all the rules about getting close to wild animalsSurprised smile.


Our time here was special and we were mentally preparing for our trip through Swaziland. You may ask why we would need to prepare for this short trip. In August 2009 we did the reverse trip through Swaziland and got ourselves well and truly lost. No phone signal no map no road signs and a dark winters night. Oh and we were pulled over by the police for speeding. Yes we needed to prepare.


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