Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sightings on 13 July 2011


Berg en Dal to Crocodile Bridge


Another late start today. I think the days of being out the camp gate at 6am are a fading memory for us.

We were moving camp as well so extra time taken to pack the car.

A few k’s from camp there were quite a few vehicles parked. We were told there was a lion off in the distance and decided it was too far for a photo and continued on. 500 metres further on a lone vehicle was crawling along and asked if we could see the leopard. We quickly did a U turn and were rewarded with the rear end of the leopard heading into the bush.


I took another 30 minutes for our next major sighting



Three minutes later we knew there must be something more amazing ahead.

The cats bring out the worst behaviour in humans.



This feline is perhaps sizing up her lunch…




We had a quick stop at Afsaal to say goodbye to the Manager.

David and Japie had to have the obligatory photograph wearing their Wallabies jerseys. The jersey story goes back to our visit in 2007 at the height  of the rugby world cup. The photos are on display at Afsaal and a new photo taken every trip.



Time to find some more wildlife.




There had been a few showers early in the day, bringing out the big ones…IMG_1221IMG_1223


The last sightings of the day.





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