Friday, July 2, 2010

4th of July Celebrations at U.S.Embassy Canberra.


We have been attending 4th July celebrations at the U.S. Embassy since 2006 and David & I both agree that the "California Dreamin'" this year has surpassed our previous favourite(an Elvis theme)

The Ambassador and his Family managed to bring a touch of "California Summer" to a chilly Canberra.

Red White and Blue decorations throughout the grounds, music, marching, singing and tons of food and drinks.

The night ended with a spectacular display of fireworks.





Not a brilliant shot......the fireworks received lots of oohs and aarhs from the youngsters.



Becky Jeff and David P


To check out the Marching Band and Fireworks click HERE 

The following article is taken from The Canberra Times 2nd July 2010


Hope you enjoyed the band


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