Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Horns....Size is Relative.


This Kudu was snapped on the Lower Sabie - Tshokwane road in September 2005.

Can't give exact location, because we didn't start documenting sightings and locations until 2007.

We have had a lot of luck with sightings on this road since 2005.

An abundance of both horned and unhorned animals have shown themself to us.



One of the best set of horns we have seen.

 IMGP5240 IMGP5241 IMGP5254 IMGP5260 IMGP5267

Horns in all shapes and sizes. These were taken 2009 in northern KNP.

IMG_3752 IMG_3782 IMG_3833 IMG_3882 IMG_6517

Pointy horns in WCNP.



Tiny horns and massive caps KNP and WCNP


Slightly out of shape horns and beautifully curved horns.Horns to lock as well.


Furry horns and hard to find horns.


Magnificent Rhino horn.....lets hope it stays attached to the rhino.......


IMGP5230                IMG_8292 IMGP0268 IMGP4471 



  1. Wow Lorraine. That is quite a collection. Wonderful post for Safari Saturday.

  2. Thanks Gwen

    Could have kept going, but really needed to do the mundane house stuff :(