Tuesday, October 25, 2011

NBC, Top of the Rock and PhotoTrek Tour


We had a full day planned today starting with a walk from our hotel to the NBC Studios at Rockefeller Centre.We were booked on the 8.30 tour. We arrived early and while we were waiting to enter the tour area we managed to breach security, but that is another story.

Studio Tour

After the studio tour we took the lift for the trip to the top of the Rockefeller Centre. Floor 67 was first stop then an escalator to 69 and steps to 70…850feet above sea level.

I imagine you could see long distance on a clear day, but the weather was not co-operative for us.

Central ParkIMG_0968IMG_0969IMG_0972IMG_0974Empire State Building…don’t think I managed to hold the camera straight for the majority of the “high shots”IMG_0977

Down comes the rain.IMG_0978IMG_0981Our hotel…in middle of picture.IMG_0984

It was windy and wet so we didn’t spend a lot of time on the open deck.

Our next escapade was a walking tour with a professional photographer

PhotoTrek Tours

September20,2011Pring 001September20,2011Pring 013September20,2011Pring 031September20,2011Pring 034September20,2011Pring 036September20,2011Pring 043September20,2011Pring 086September20,2011Pring 097September20,2011Pring 104September20,2011Pring 117September20,2011Pring 121September20,2011Pring 125September20,2011Pring 140September20,2011Pring 143September20,2011Pring 147September20,2011Pring 150September20,2011Pring 152September20,2011Pring 167

After all the walking and stress of being the wrong side of the camera we needed sustenance to build our stamina and courage. The guide Marc left us in Greenwich Village with instructions and directions for catching the subway back to Times Square.



Two enormous coffees accompanied these temptations Smileand we managed to catch our train as well.


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