Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Washington… Day Two.


Today we planned to walk to several of the Monuments in Washington D.C.

Enjoyed a scrummy breakfast at the hotel while planning our walk.

Our starting point was Union Station and it was recommended that we catch a cab.IMG_0411We quickly checked inside and found where we would catch our train the next day. A mini shopping mall and food court on multiple levels was bustling away behind the entry doors.

The Capitol Building was now in our sights. The sky was cloudy and showers were forecast. A great day for a walk.IMG_0422IMG_0427IMG_0432IMG_0444IMG_0454View down to Washington Monument.IMG_0456IMG_1801

Walk…FoodIMG_0464Must be healthy…no saltIMG_0471 Ginormous beeIMG_0481IMG_0439IMG_0490IMG_0493IMG_1803IMG_1799IMG_1814IMG_1777Impromptu rugby gameIMG_0494WildlifeIMG_1779

More Monuments in next post.


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