Monday, July 11, 2011

A Big 5 Day.

A little late today…out the gate at 6.10am. I was hoping to find the jackals.

A few ks down the road there was a line of traffic. What could we expect? As we stopped I could see the Leopard only 50 metres from the edge of the road. He then walked off and into the bush.


Further on near the spot where the lion was causing mayhem yesterday we found two Jackals.


Remember the eagle harassing the guinea fowl yesterday? Here it is a day later sitting under the same bush as the guinea fowl.


More Big Birds harassing one another.




Find the baby ears…nr centre of pic


Big Daddy


Full Bellies


On the road to Skukuza.


We had passed the Kruger Tablets and were discussing the possibility of seeing the wild dogs that frequent the area. We considered turning down the dirt road but decided not too. We were then overtaken by a vehicle towing a caravan (on a blind curve…and a vehicle did appear at the crest of the hill). The caravan sped down the hill and was still in sight when the young fellow below stepped onto the side of the road and walked towards us. In their haste they missed a super sighting.


I managed to run out of space on my camera card,and I am sure when I play the film we took it will be me grumbling because I couldn’t quickly get the new card in my camera.

A three Leopard day was a first for us, and was also our first day of this trip to spot the big 5.



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