Friday, July 8, 2011

Punda Maria – Shingwedzi


Our first lion sighting was not far from the Punda Maria camp gate. Three young males, desperately thin were resting close to the road.Hungry or sick??  We took a few photos but prefer not to post them.

We were only driving a short distance today to our next camp Shingwedzi.



We arrived at Shingwedzi and were a little concerned to see signs posted that there was no water in the camp. We were assured that all would be well soon. We had a snack at the cafe and then checked in.


We sat and watched the entire herd of buffalo cross. DP counted in excess of 800.


Another day gone and yes the water situation was resolved. Shingwedzi is one of our favourite campsThumbs up

Letaba will be our next  camp.


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  1. Hi there, just learnt how to post have been following ur ramblings. Punda accomodation looks awesome. Love ur AFE and LBR. Great pics. Yes its very sda to see thin lions i also didnt post as u dont know if theyre youngsters who have been kicked out of the pride and battelingon their own or if theyre TB infected. Happy travels
    Louise NSW