Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shy Sable Sunday.


We set out on Sunday with no expectations. Cheetah and Wild Dog usually elude us, but we took a dirt road where the dogs have been spotted in recent times. The day was cold and cloudy and we were ready for what ever crossed our path.


We were finding plenty of general game but were lucky enough to spot a herd of 12 Sable well back in the bush. It was near impossible to get a clear photograph through the grass and trees.


We thought they were heading for a nearby water trough and drove the few hundred metres and sat waiting for them to arrive.

To our surprise a hyaena came loping past the water trough. She appeared to be searching for something and was continually sniffing the ground. She walked partway down the road and back past us and disappeared. A few minutes later she was off past us again and disappeared down the road.


The Sable still hadn’t arrived at the trough so we drove along to see how close they were. The were retracing their steps and not coming to the water trough. These two sightings were the highlight of our day.

We did have other sightings though…



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  1. Oh my gosh those Sable are to die for..i LOVE them. Thats ultra special..nice one.. Another Klippie ur so lucky...