Sunday, July 10, 2011

Turning Sixty in Satara.


With the time difference, I am not sure when it was actually my birthday. Maybe if I am in a different timezone each year I can avoid the 60’s.

We left camp and made our way towards Orpen gate. There was not a lot of game and I was scanning for the larger birds. I pointed ton a tree not far from the road and said stop. As we were reversing David spotted what he thought was a Honey Badger in the brown grass. We scanned the area without success. I complained because the bird had flown off. David checked the rear view mirror and another 2 badgers were crossing the road behind us. They move so fast and were well camouflaged in the grass it was difficult to catch a glimpse let alone a photo. As they waddled further into the bush the first on sighted also appeared further a track. A great sighting to start the day.

We saw a lot of giraffe…more than we have seen in our previous 9 visits to Kruger, amazing birds and seven rhino.



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