Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Shopping and connecting with old friends.



We did a quick grocery shop at Menlyn for the basics we would need in Mapungubwe.(no shops and nothing close by). List was already prepared before we left home, so everything was purchased in less than an hour. Meat and perishables we on the to do list for Sunday.

Next was a quick trip…in our dreams, down the N1 to Johannesburg.past The Fourways and on to Monte Casino. We reached Fourways in under 30 minutes. It was a quick if not hair raising experience. Our ‘loan’ vehicle was an extremely small Getz, and even though we didn't exceed the 120k speed limit the larger vehicles powering past us obviously thought the legal limit was much higher. Possibly they mistake the 2 for 4 or even 6.

The final 3k of our trip took an hour. Line marking in progress Surprised smile


We met and had lunch with Jan and Dave, or maybe it was Dave and Jan. It was great to be able catch up again with Dave and Jan who will be off to the UK in a few days for a special family occasion. Many thanks to them for taking the time to have lunch with us.

Sunday morning we collected a new rental vehicle.

It was alsoanother day to catch up with old friends. Eugene and Jireh, Andre and Hester who served at the SAHC in Canberra, and Ian and Lorraine from Pretoria.

We enjoyed a Nepalese buffet at The Royal Swagaat at the Grey Owl shopping centre.

We finished the day buying more food at Woolworths.

We packed most things in the car in readiness for our early departure




This will beat the rising fuel costs.

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  1. Most South Africans consider the speed limit a challenge rather than a maximum. :-)